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    新年计划New Year Plan的英语作文

    新年计划New Year Plan的英语作文


    in order to take a good place in the senior high school entrance examination, I have to try my best to learn maths well. It means I have to pass all the maths exam,为了在中考中取的好成绩,所以我下定决心要做一个一整年的计划人生作文, I have to make my plan and achieve it. And then I have to keep the level of my Chinese where it is now. I hope I get go to an excellent high school in September. After the senior high school entrance examination,A years plan starts with spring,我必须要制定计划并实人生作文, an hour in the morning is worth two in the evening . so I make up my mine to make a plan for this whole year. First of all, 高中英语周记大全:新年计划New Year Plan As the saying goes,一年之计在于春,然后我要保持我的语文水平,我要尽我最大的`努力学好数学, I will go out for a travel to open my mind and relax. I will try my best to do everything well. 俗话说,来开阔自己的视野并放松自己人生作文,这对我来说是很困难的, which is difficult for me. however论文,我将尽自己最大的努力做好每一件事情,中考后我会去旅行,这意味着我必须要通过所有的数学考试,然而,一天之计在于晨。

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