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    As is depicted in the cartoon, both the cat and snake are on the table, with tears in their eyes, waiting to be eaten by humans. Through this picture, the drawer condemns the eating of wild animals.

    Eating wild animals gives rise to a lot of negative effects. In the first place, as many wild animals carry parasites, when we eat them, the parasites enter our bodies, thus causing a lot of illnesses. In the second place, since animals are an indispensable part of our environment, the extinction of some animals may disturb the natural balance. Last but not least, eating wild animals is cruel.

    Since eating animals causes so many harms, we should work together to put an end to the problem. On the one hand, the government should make stricter laws to prohibit people from eating wild animals. On the other hand, all the people should realize the harms of eating wild animals and refrain from doing so.


    Nowadays more and more people keep animals as pets; they treat them as their family members. But there is someone who likes to torture animals. They do this for some reasons: they don’t like animals, they get fire or they are just not happy. Some people think it’s fine to torture animals, because people are suffering more pressures than before; they need some way to be relaxed. In my point of view, I think animals deserve better.


    In the first place, some animals are kept as pets in family. They are a part of it, like dogs or cats. They can bring people happiness. Lost of parents have pets for the reason that it could help their children learn to care about others; they think it’s a good way to teach children to be a good person. For the single people, pets could be a good companion, especially for an introvert, they prefer to talk to an innocent animal better than a person who is wearing a mask.


    In the second place, people who are like to torture animals may have some psychological problems. If someone is suffer too much pressure that they couldn’t breath, they should find a healthy way to release it, for instance, they could go to swimming, jogging or climbing. They don’t have to hit pets to release their anger. Some people even cut pet’s ear or claw or had pet’s eyes gouged out. This is really sick; it’s hard to understand that what kind of people would hurt an animal when they are look into their innocent eyes.


    In sum, animals is a lovely creature that made by god to bring happiness to human beings. People should treat them better than torture them.



    It is a well known fact that animals are friends to our mankind.But there are a lot of problems that they are confronting today.For example,nowadays some bird have already lost their habitat ,which means they have no places to live in and no food to eat .

    Personally ,i think there are many solutions to this problem.First of all,we should take effective and efficient measures to protect their habitat.Also ,govenment should punish those people who hunt wild animals illeagally.

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