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    christmas arouses increasing attention year by year in china. christmas cards become popular with students. people hold christmas parties and exchange christmas girts. a lot or tv and radio programs about christmas are on. meanwhile the spring festival is less appealing to youngsters. thus some people wonder whether christmas will replace the spring festival.

    this worry is fairly unnecessary. why ? one reason lies that christmas only affects christians日记,college students and joint-venture workers. another reason is that christmas is mostly celebrated in cities. few people in countryside show extreme interest in this exotic festival. by contrast划船作文,the spring festival is the most influential traditional festival in every family.

    i think划船作文,it is natural that with increasing exchanges with the west划船作文,a lot of western holidays have been gradually introduced into china. for us chinese we should never neglect or even discard our own traditional festivals. for centuries chinese have observed this traditional holiday to welcome the beginning of a new year. and we will treasure the spring festival forever.

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