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    你的朋友魏东获得了一笔到美国留学一年的奖学金。他去的那所学校碰巧有你一位好朋友Dick。你写信把魏东介绍给Dick日记,希望他能帮助、照顾魏东,愿他们也成为好朋友。Dear Dick作文欣赏,

    One of my best friends Wei Dong has just won a scholarship to study for one year in the United States. He’ll be leaving soon, and, believe it or not, he will be in the same school with you. I have told him a lot about you and he will go to see you right after his arrival. Since he is new there, I hope you could do whatever you can to help him begin a new life.

    Wei Dong is a handsome tall boy of 18. He is a diligent student as well as a good guy to get along with. Besides his study, he has a wide range of interests, such as country music and basketball. I hope you can learn from each other and become good friends.

    Best wishes.亲爱的迪克,




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