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    Winter has come the river "with thick ice, people in all kinds of winter clothing, around the scarf, wearing gloves, but also difficult to resist the descent of the cold, cold red face. Less and less people in the street. I also find out from the wardrobe thick clothes, put in the body, and they appear very awkward. Alas, the cold season.

    Now I was looking forward to the next with thick snow, so that we can make a snowman and snowball fights. Finally, snow! We came to the snow, the snowball rolling pulling together, look for to two pieces of the size of the black stones do eyes, nose with carrot make it, made with broom arm, again a scarf, a lifelike snowman of it....... We put the snowballs into a snowball, mutual throwing, suing, play together. Ah, this busy season. The sky in addition to see a few foraging sparrows outside, in also see other birds, the small animals such as snakes, frogs, hide in the ground. It goes to sleep, the sky appears very cold.

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