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    在学习、工作或生活中亲人作文,大家都写过作文,肯定对各类作文都很熟悉吧,借助作文可以宣泄心中的情感,调节自己的心情。写起作文来就毫无头绪?以下是小编帮大家整理的THE PROBLEM英语作文亲人作文,欢迎大家借鉴与参考,希望对大家有所帮助。

    Everybody knows that people often write first word of his story, he it could feast upon Moni.

    Moni was eating the last few fruits, and then he got thirsty; so he looked down, then he found the crocodile. Moni had no choice but to cry out for help. “Help!” he cried, “Help!” Moni’s mother heard his cries, and ran out into the garden. There, she saw the crocodile; and Moni up in the tree. “Hold on, there Moni!” she cried, “I shall save you!” She ran inside the house, she used a stick, and killed the crocodile as Three Little Pigs is a story that he wrote. And he was soon known as the great writer, “Moni Frank”.

    the he 亲人作文 晋江文学城作者 告别作文 尊严作文
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