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    Our class held a discussion about whether music should be played during the break or not .The opinions are divided .Most of the students think that music should be played. As we know, music can produce a lively and happy atmosphere. Besides , after hard study , music can bring us relaxation , which reduces the tiredness. This can help us make full preparations for the next class. Listening to music also makes us feel happy . On the other hand , some students don’t think so. In their opinion , they can’t get the expected effect from playing music , for the class break time is too short .What is needed most during the class break is peace instead of noise produced by music .In my opinion , it is good to play some soft and peaceful music instead of loud music during the class break. In this way students can enjoy music as well as have a good rest. Besides, I suggest choosing some music that is suitable for middle school students.

    the 周记作文 is 描写亲情的作文 作文指导 6年级作文
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